Monday AA Meetings


O.D.  7:15am  Higher Power Group – Temple Adath Israel – 124 N. Ashland Ave.

C.D.  7:30am (HA) Bar Room Group – Immanuel Baptist Church (Recreation bldg behind the church in basement) – 3100 Tates Creek Rd. – College Room 11

C.D.  9am (HA) True Tolerance Group – Cathedral of Christ the King – Side Entrance (beside garage) Providence Rd.

O.D.  10:30am  Brunch Bunch – Alano Club – 370 E. 2nd. St.

O.D. 11:30am (HA) Begin Again Meeting – Christ Church Cathedral (Side Door Basement) 166 Market St (corner of Market and Church Streets)

O.D. 12 Noon The Lunch Bunch – Alano Club – 370 E. 2nd Street

O.D. 12 Noon (HA) (Women Only) Never Too Late Meeting – Women’s Hope Center (cafeteria)-1524 Versailles Rd.

O.D. 6pm Happy Hour Group – Gratz Park (basement) 3rd & Market Streets

C.D. 6pm  (Men Only) Men’s Faith Group – Faith Lutheran Church – 1000 E. High St.

O.D. 6:15pm Northside Group – Wesley United Methodist Church-1825 Russell Cave Rd.

C.D.  6:30pm  Right on Track – Keeneland Track Kitchen – Versailles Rd.

C.D. 6:30pm (HA) (Men Only) Off Clays Mill Men’s Group-St. John’s Lutheran Church – 516 Pasadena Dr.

O.D.  7pm  Solution Group – Southern Hills United Methodist Church – (Fireside Room) – 2356 Harrodsburg Rd.

O.D. 7pm (HA) (Women Only) Inspiration for Women Group – 1st Christian Church – 1305 Audobon Ave.

C.D. 7pm Beginner’s Meeting – Token Club – 1037 Goodwin Dr.

O.D. 7pm (Spanish) Grupo Hispano Meeting – Spanish Club House – 702 Maple St (corner of Maple & 7th Streets)

C.D. 7:30pm Winner’s Circle Group – Maxwell St. Presbyterian Church 180 E. Maxwell St. (Bsmt) (last Mon. of each month is Open Meeting)

C.D. 7:30pm (Men Only) Way We were Group – Christ the King Church (side entrance beside garage) – Providence Rd.

O.D.  8pm  Monday Night Miracles Group – Alano Club – 370 E. 2nd St.

C.D. 8pm  Serenity Group – Token Club 1037 Goodwin Drive

O.D.  8pm  (LGBT)  Safe Haven Group – Cen. Christian Church Cafeteria – 205 E. Short St.

O.D. 8pm (HA) Laid Back Group – St. Paul Catholic Church, 501 W. Short St. (Ave Maria Bldg at rear parking lot behind church)

O.D. 8pm (HA) Man-O-War Live Group – Ridge Hospital (Cafeteria) – 3050 Rio Dosa Dr (Corner of Man-O-War & Rio Dosa Dr.)

O.D. 8pm Fresh Air Group – Gratz Park Bldg (Bsmt) – 3rd & Market Streets




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